Scratch Course

Scratch is a graphical programming language that allows children create animations, stories and games using code blocks. Our scratch course will teach students to create and program animations, games, music, lots of  interactive stories and more.

Age: 5 Above

What is Scratch?

Scratch is a great educational tool for teaching simple programming concepts to students. With Scratch, students have been able to program interactive stories, games, and animations. Our Scratch classes have helped young students learn to think and be creative.

Download Scratch

Download Scratch 2

Scratch 2 has lots of sprites, backdrop, sounds students can use to create lots of games and animation stories. Students can also share their projects with their friends online.

Download Scratch 3

Scratch 3 is the latest version of Scratch with more features like more sprites, text to speech, language interpreter and many more to create unique animations

Download Scratch JNR

Scratch Jnr enables young children (ages 5-7) to create their own interactive stories and games. Scratch Jnr has lots of sprites, backdrop, sounds and many more to create animation stories

flexible time management

Classes are flexible. Students can schedule convenient time to take live classes. Class activities and project work are also uploaded for students to complete at a convenient time


In order to encourage students to learn at their own pace, a private classroom will be created for each user. Classes are in two sessions: Live class on zoom and class activities on Edmodo

project based activities

Class activities are fully hands on. Projects are given to students in different categories: Research work, Project work, Quiz and assessments.

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