developing Tech Savvy Students In Schools

developing Tech Savvy

Students In Schools

Schools nationwide are starting to embrace technology in classrooms, either as a full time subject or as a co-curricula club. Technology is changing rapidly and many schools are starting to teach it for students collaboration and project based learning. 

Learnbot provides a range of Information Technology services designed for elementary and college students. From Coding with Python, Robotics, Web Design, Animation with Scratch and STEM. We have partnered with several schools to train over 1500 students. Our training includes enlightening students on the relevance and application of Coding, Robotics, Web Design and STEM Education.

Team Work

Hands-On Activities

Problem Solving

“Developing students with future skills”

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effective time management

Class activities (project topics, individual or group projects, quiz and assessments) are well structured to optimize learning opportunities for all students.

differentIATed CLASSROOM

From Python, Scratch, Robotics, STEM and Web Design, class lessons and projects are tailored to develop students interests in technology.

project based activities

Class activities are fully hands on. Projects are given to students in different categories: Research work, Project work, Quiz and assessments.

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