Our courses will teach students hands-on problem solving activities needed to prepare them with employable and in-demand skills.



Scratch is a graphical programming language. Our scratch course will teach the students to create and program animations, games, music, interactive stories and more. Suitable for grade 4 above.

Robotics/STEM course is fully hands-on, where students learn to construct and program projects like robots, traffic lights, burglar alarms and many more..

Python is the most commonly used programming language to teach students in the world. Python is very simple and easy to understand. Our Python course will teach students on how to use data, variables, arithmetic operators, functions, libraries, to develop projects like ATM application and many more

Imagine students designing their own web posts from scratch! They read many lovely stories and information online. In this course, students will learn to design a web post, publish and share their stories, information or article online. Students can further build their own websites themselves.

Hands-on activities

Learning by making courses. Project topics with engaging activities to either solve a problem or create something new. Courses are hands-on

Problem Solving

Courses to develop students with the ability to view situations from different point of views using critical and analytical thinking.

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